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CRWE Press Release's Instructions

1) Please submit your profile information.

2) Please note that to publish a press release you will need to buy the press release distribution service you desire from PayPal (see the left column). However, if you just want to submit your press release information and save it as a draft, you do not need to purchase service from PayPal.

You can come back later after purchasing your press release package and activate your press release anytime you decide.

3) In the left column of page, click on " Submit Press Release", then:

a) Schedule the "Publish Date" for your press release, by selecting the Month and Date in the box located on the side of the date and time rectangle box. Afterwards, you will need to select the time to publish your Press Release. (Your first selection will be the Hour only, thereafter the minutes will appear for your selection).

  The Publish Date will automatically update your Press Release's Month, Date and Time selection in the Publish Date rectangle date box.

  Verify that the "Publish Date*" of your press rerelease is correct.

(Please note: that before we publish your press release, we are going to contact you to verify that you are the person submitting the press release. Please schedule your press release with enough time for us to contact you.)

b) Enter the Title of your Press release

c) Select the category of your Press release

d) Enter the Description (or Body) of your Press release

e) Enter "Source Image" URL (If, NOT required)

f) Enter up to 5 tags separated with a comma (If, NOT required)

g) Enter "Location" of your Company

h) If you wish, you can save your press release information as Draft by clicking on the "Save As Draft" button. Or if you want to schedule your press release immediately because you have already purchased your press release distribution package, click on the "Publish" button

**If you have not purchase a press release distribution package, please go to "Buy Press Release" in the left column

i) if you selected and clicked on "Publish", a message will show up saying:

Alert!  Please finalize the content before publishing the press release

This step is giving you the chance to re-check the information of your press release. If everything looks ok on it, click again on "Publish" and its done. Your press release will go our according with the schedule you decided

j) If you saved the information as draft, you can come back later and find it by selecting "Draft" in the left column

Thank you